October 1977

Volume 63Issue 4p493-660
  • Primary abdominal lymphoma

    Presenting manifestation of celiac sprue or complicating dermatitis herpetiformis

    • Hugh J. Freeman,
    • Wilfred M. Weinstein,
    • Theodor K. Shnitka,
    • James R.A. Piercey,
    • Ronald H. Wensel
    Published in issue: October 1977
  • Medial calcinosis of Mönckeberg

    A review of the problem and a description of a patient with involvement of peripheral, visceral and coronary arteries

    • Anthony S. Lachman,
    • Thomas L. Spray,
    • Donald M. Kerwin,
    • Gerald I. Shugoll,
    • William C. Roberts
    Published in issue: October 1977