August 1984

Volume 77Issue 2p195-392
  • Pursuit of the renal mass

    Is ultrasound enough?

    • Ralph V. Clayman,
    • Vilanur Surya,
    • Robert P. Miller,
    • Donovan B. Reinke,
    • Elwin E. Fraley
    Published in issue: August 1984
  • Gas exchange during dialysis

    Contrasting mechanisms contributing to comparable alterations with acetate and bicarbonate buffers

    • Judson M. Hunt,
    • Timothy R. Chappell,
    • William L. Henrich,
    • Lewis J. Rubin
    Published in issue: August 1984
  • Neuroleptic malignant syndrome

    Patient with unique clinical and physiologic features

    • Gregory P. Downey,
    • Mark Rosenberg,
    • Stanley Caroff,
    • Sylvia Beck,
    • Henry Rosenberg,
    • Joseph C. Gerber,
    • Terry D. Heiman-Patterson,
    • Mark D. Aronson
    Published in issue: August 1984
  • Torsade de pointe

    Malignant cardiac arrhythmia induced by amantadine poisoning

    • Michele Sartori,
    • Craig M. Pratt,
    • James B. Young
    Published in issue: August 1984