Report from the Retreat on Meaningful Use

      Theme: Altering the Narrative for the Best and Brightest

      I'm afraid that if we don't drill down on our brand equity on the front end, we'll have to model it out on the back end to align our incentives or pad our ask regarding the co-branding deliverables on the horizon. This empowerment is going to require getting under the covers to facilitate a paradigm shift in order to achieve buy-in among the stakeholders if we're going to tip our toe into that water and get the low hanging fruit before our clients incentivize the burning platform with new metrics. After all, you are the process owner who needs to reach out in the proper bandwidth to push back on the key opinion leaders (KOLs) or we'll have to sunset your blue-ribbon committee for not trimming the fat on the real-time escalation project. Let's not drop the meat in the dirt but rather collapse it up to a high-level statement, assess the current state in order to get to the ideal state and have you weigh in at the portal for service oriented architecture (SOA). After all, at the end of the day, we'll embrace the platforming to be in a better space if you stair step the stakeholders though it so that they can leverage their halo to get a view from 10,000 feet. If you could create a placeholder to move the needle in the continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiative, some heavy lifting might give us a report card so that there can be the accountability for a decent return on investment (ROI), unless the co-branding produces a choke point so severe that the balanced score card causes a culture change, one by each. Just between you and I, you need to take the deep dive and put the rubber to the road with a degree of commonality that will re-engineer a sea change in our SWOT analysis so that we bake it into the budget of the high-level implementation group. Bottom line on top, if I don't report to myself, we could really take a haircut before we can trim the fat out of the box and shift the culture beyond this pilot demonstration program. That having been said, the PEST analysis shows that if you step up to the plate and evangelize the brand, we can be about the business of creating a placeholder of new buckets with more vertical silos so that we can finally tell whether we are on foot or on horseback. Comparing apples to apples, it is clear that this is not a plug and play culture, so that you'll have to put that into the parking lot, hold your nose and jump with a new toolkit to filter the noise and incentivize the process owners in a more granular fashion before it becomes a major mission drag. A bread crumb trail has been forming so let's put some stakes in the ground to leverage our insights as enablers of change to circle back on a more granular view and tee up our clinical levers to mine insights from the benchmarks. Having said that, we can optimize the outcome metrics if we can get the whole group on board in this arena and try to boil the ocean with a six-sigma culture change. We mean to hit this one out of the park and get some substantive returns in the coin of our realm to avoid any mission creep. It's a non-starter to analyze the dashboard for crosswalking noise, so we need to slice and dice our organic growth, peel the onion and hardwire the initiative with more novelty flakes and boots on the ground. This could be a clarion call for a new pause point as with a new value point, that's where the metal meets the road. If you would like to get some trend lines and traction from this piece, I can zip you a copy of my deck.

      Author's Note

      All of this was actually heard in various meetings over my decades as a department chair.