“No man's land” of the renal vasculature

An arteriographic and hemodynamic assessment of the interlobar and arcuate arteries in essential and accelerated hypertension
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      A highly significant correlation has been demonstrated between abnormalities at the interlobar and arcuate artery level in selective renal arteriograms of sixty-six patients with essential hypertension and several clinical indices including the age of the patient and the duration, severity and presence of complications of hypertension. The vascular abnormality at this level also shows a significant correlation with intrarenal hemodynamics assessed by 133Xe washout and renal function. The hemodynamic and arteriographic changes suggest the presence of focal cortical areas of decreased perfusion in many patients, which may well contribute to the progress and severity of the hypertension.
      The arterial changes at this level have also been shown to progress with age in a normal population. This age-related change is potentiated in hypertensive subjects.
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