Dysimmunoglobulinemia in the absence of clinical features of multiple myeloma and macroglobulinemia

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      The protein abnormalities characterizing multiple myeloma and primary macroglobulinemia also occur in the absence of the distinctive clinical features of these disorders, and often of other laboratory features as well. Since many of these cases are discovered accidentally, usually in the absence of any symptoms referable to the underlying disorder, it is suggested that they represent examples of “lanthanic” disease. The term “dysimmunoglobulinemia” is proposed as a designation of the disorder of protein synthesis since it is inconclusive and noncommital, yet pinpoints the area of protein abnormality somewhat better than previously suggested terms.
      Eighteen cases with dysimmunoglobulinemia have been studied and reported in detail. In four cases there were morphologic changes of the bone marrow supportive of the diagnosis of plasma cell myeloma; in nine cases only dysimmunoglobulinemia was found; three patients presented with isolated Bence Jones proteinuria; one patient presented with dysimmunogobulinemia and immunoglobulin deficiency; and there was one case of lanthanic macroglobulinemia.
      These cases were marked by lack of progression over periods of observation for as long as six years. Mild anemia and susceptibility to infection were the principal clinical features. Peripheral neuropathy, myopathy, secondary gout and herpes zoster were less commonly noted.
      The combination of serum electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis appears to be a valuable and sensitive screening method. It is possible that the early detection of dysimmunoglobulinemia may shed light on the natural history of the lymphoplasmacytic disorders.
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